The Journey

Hi, I am Dhanraj Kedari. Despite being born and brought up in the fast-paced city of Mumbai, I like to take my time with things,  understand them to my best capabilities and then take action. Sometimes, I do it in reverse order. One example of that is my engineering.  
After completing my mechanical engineering and working a not-so-interesting sales job, I knew I wanted to devote my time and energy to something which I passionately cared about. This bearing led me to a couple of interesting professional adventures across different fields like environmental engineering, content writing, restaurant management and adventure travel. Each role developed a new skill and honed existing ones; each experience left me with an insight about myself, the trade, and the way the world works.
Several months back, I realised I wanted to improve all three of them; the world, the trades and myself, and since then I’ve been looking for ways to do so. Writing is one of those ways for me. 

How’s that going for me? Awesome. 
Am I making an impact? I don’t know. What I know is that I can do neither of those tasks alone. It needs you, me and our friends to interact, co-ordinate and contribute.  

Currently, I work as a content writer with a US based MNC in Mumbai. I also work as a freelance content writer. 
While I enjoy the stability of full-time employment, freelance writing allows me to explore new avenues, subjects and ideas by working with some enthusiastic and driven people doing some fulfilling work. 

I am passion about 


Recent works

Blog articles for UNS Edutech; Is appearing for NTSE worth it?, IISc – I wish I knew this while choosing a degree college, All-round information about IISER, Why take a foundation course for IIT-JEE? 

Website content for UNS EduTech, a Chennai based experiential-learning classes led by a group of scientists and researchers.

Website content for Frames Production Company, a prominent media production company known for making some f the most popular shows in India.