We may have different tastes in activities, but have similar ideas about what fun, adventure, and meaning is. It is one of reasons why we share our experiences or resonate with people's stories.

I go on month-long backpacking trips, alone, with minimal gear and budget. My friends, family, and peers say my travels are different and remarkable. I agree, as this passion is driven by a strong desire for exploration.
I do these trips with such determination and reckless-ness that they turn into adventures.

Despite the uncertainty, there's very little chaos in my travels. My journeys let me enjoy many thoughtful moments, during which I reflect on my experiences and observations.

At AdventureBunnies I share my experiences in a way that they become a reading experience for you. Give them a read, I'm sure you will like at least one. If not, please let me know. Thanks.

Let's hop!

Adventure Episodes

Incidents involving me stumbling in and out of varying new situations.

Leave Application

How I convinced my angry boss, at the very last minute, that it’s important for me to take a month-long trip?


The first time I wrote an essay on my journey to camp a night alone in a desert in Rajasthan.

Such was Kutch

During a train journey, one friend tells the other about the first time he backpacked to the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat.

Travel Itineraries

The ingredients and the recipe both are important when creating the perfect dish.

Here are some delicious destinations and itineraries you can use to create your own trips.

What's with the writing?

I started writing to observe my own thoughts and views. My interest in creative writing grew and I started working as a content writer.  The job helped me sharpen my natural ability into a professional skill.

I believe humans invented writing in response to an inner need for clarity. Literature is breakfast for thoughts and a jog for the mind. AdventureBunnies is an exercise aiming to create a good writing and reading experience.

While this venture showcase my personal musings, I’d like to take a moment to share my commercial work as well.




Well-written, engaging stories. They’re more about the experience than the information.
A different take on the usual ‘I went here, I did this, it cost me this much’ type of travel articles.
~Anoop, Dhwani, +1

Great stories. Makes me want to pack my bags and travel somewhere.
~Hitesh, +3

 Fun, engaging, and imaginative read. Awesome!
~Sandhya, + 2


Look who's talking

Hi, I am GrizzlyBunny, the host of AdventureBunnies. 

I am enthusiastic about backpacking, applied philosophy, and the pursuit of meaning.
I read, watch, listen to explore the new ideas. I write to think effectively and discover a thing or two about . Here, I share my writing to test my skills and perspectives. 

I believe that thoughtful content and genuine communication have the potential to build a culture of mindfulness.  Genuineness, utility, and aspiration are some features I find appealing in content; I try to recreate them with a hint of adventure.

That’s me; wet, hairy, and longing.

Thought for the day

Daily struggles may seem endless, but life on earth is unique; let’s help flourish it.
Time and energy are our currency; spend them wisely.
Read one article; let’s see if we connect somewhere.

Exercise, read & write, and use the dust bin.
Be blessed, be cool. Thank you.
Peace in.