We have different tastes, but similar ideas of fun, adventure, and meaningful activities. That is why we share our experiences or resonate with people's stories.

I go on multi-day backpacking trips, alone, with basic gear and budget. Those who know me personally think my travels are unusual. I think the offbeat comes to me naturally.
I do these trips with such passion and under-preparedness that they end up becoming an adventure. This is what the articles on AdventureBunnies are about.

It is not always chaos with me. In my long, uncomfortable journeys, I enjoy many thoughtful moments. That's what the essays are actually about; experience, reflection, and insight. And the key to it all, exploration.

I don't want to hype them too much; they're short & simple essays I write to amuse myself and entertain my friends. Have a look, you should like at least one of them. If not, let me know. Thanks.

Let's hop!

Adventure Episodes

You know those moments where you think, what have I gotten myself into?
These episodes are about how I stumble in and out of such situations.

Leave Application

How I convinced my angry boss, at the very last minute, that it’s important for me to take a month-long trip?


The first time I wrote an essay on my journey to camp a night alone in a desert in Rajasthan.

Such was Kutch

During a train journey, one friend tells the other about the first time he backpacked to the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat.

Travel Tips

The ingredients and the recipe both are important when creating the perfect dish.

Here are some tasty destinations and itineraries you can use to create your own trips.

What's up with all the writing?

I study writing as a means of reflection, expression, and communication. AdventureBunnies is part of the program.

My current interests are communication studies, blog writing, marketing, and professional growth through personal development.

I believe humans invented writing in response to an inner need. Literature is food thought and sight for the mind. Writing will never run out of utility. 
Intelligent writing adds value to any and every venture.

Checkout my portfolio, I work as a content writer. 



Well-written, engaging stories. They’re more about the experience than the information.
A different take on the usual ‘I went here, I did this, it cost me this much’ type of travel articles.
~Anoop, Dhwani, +1

Great stories. Makes me want to pack my bags and go somewhere.
~Hitesh, +3

 Fun, engaging, and imaginative read. Awesome!
~Sandhya, + 2


Look who's talking

Hi, I am GrizzlyBunny, the host of AdventureBunnies. 

I am enthusiastic about backpacking, applied philosophy, and the pursuit of meaning.
I read, watch, and listen to look for answers to the questions that befall us. I write to think effectively, explore potential solutions, and move towards clarity. I tell tales to share and test those ideas.

I believe that thoughtful content and genuine communication have the potential to build a culture of mindfulness. 

Genuineness, utility, and aspiration are some features I find appealing in content; I try to recreate them with a hint of adventure.

That’s me; wet, hairy, and longing.


Daily struggles may seem endless, but life on earth is unique; let’s help save the planet.
Time and energy are our currency; spend them wisely.
Read one article; let’s see if we connect somewhere.

Exercise, read & write, and use the dust bin.
Be blessed, be cool. Thank you.
Peace in.