Adventure is not when you do things, but when things do you.

e.g. 1) What you do: You can visit a remote river island in Assam.
What happens: Local goons carrying sticks invade your room and ask for money.

2) What you do: Visit Thar desert to camp the night.
What happens: The transport guy's fee is 5 times the amount you have.

3) What you do: Step out to explore the fancy side of a city. What happens: End up on a tour of Asia's biggest brothel. (ever seen the word 'brothel' in a homepage copy before?)

AdventureBunnies is a collection of experiences & insights from my backpacking trips. It mostly involves me getting into awkward situations and figuring out ways to get out of them. In the process, I get an enlightening adventure. It's great fun.

I share these stories as simple conte-tainment.
Instead of popping on a vlog and mesmerizing you with my face and voice, I write and let your imagination be the villain.

Why read them? Because you want to know the key to fulfillment. Just kidding. Because this is not the worst thing you could engage on the net.

The travel stories are well-written, amusing, and are a break from routine. They help me gain clarity and be mindful of myself. If they happen to spark a useful thought in you, that'd be a world to live in.
Let's hop!

Adventure Episodes

Backpacking is my preferred style of travel. More than its raw & rugged nature, it is my own choices and behaviours that cause me discomfort.
Through these episodes I find a way to grow beyond my existing conditioning.
Check one out if you’ve ever had an insightful goof-up.

Leave Application

A telling of the time when I convinced my angry boss, at the very last minute, that it’s important for me to take a month-long trip.


My journey to camp a night alone in the Thar desert of Rajasthan. 

Also, an example of a good story told with amateur writing.

Such was Kutch

During a train journey, one friend tells another about the first time he backpacked to the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat.

Travel Ideas

I’m good at making itineraries and creating a wholesome travel experience. 
Checkout these trips you can use to inform your travels.

Writing & Networking

I work as a content writer. I study writing as a means of reflection, expression, and communications. AdventureBunnies is part of the learning.

My interests are communication theories, script & story writing, marketing philosophies, and professional growth through personal development.

Intelligent writing adds value to any and every venture. Let’s have a chat to see if we can be of assistance to each other.



Well-written, engaging articles. It is more about experience than information.
A different take on the usual ‘I went there, I did that, it cost me this much’ type of travel article.

Great essay. Makes me want to pack my bags and go somewhere.

 Fun, engaging, and imaginative read. Awesome.
~Friend’s friend


Look who's talking

Hi, I am GrizzlyBunny, the host of AdventureBunnies. 

I am enthusiastic about backpacking, applied philosophy, personal growth, and the pursuit of meaning.
I read, watch, and listen to look for answers to the general and specific questions that befall us. I write to think effectively about the solutions, understand them, and move towards clarity. I tell tales to test my ideas.

I believe that mindful content and communication has the potential to initiate interactions that can help build an inclusive and sustainable world.

Genuineness, utility, and aspiration are some features I find appealing in content; I try to recreate them with a hint of adventure.

That’s me; wet, hairy, and longing.

Audience Participation

Tell me about your memorable adventure and why it means something to you.

Twice a month I will email you something that I think is important. Subscribe to tell me how much you relate or don’t. It’ll be fun.

I appreciate you making it this far. Thank you for your time and attention.
Take care of yourself.
Life is simple, but not easy. Be kind.